How to use the charging cable/data cable to share your mobile phone screen to the LCD backpack screen in real time


Use your mobile phone's charging cable/ data cable  to cast the mobile phone screen to the backpack screen in real time. 

In this case, we do not need to install additional Apps on our mobile phone. We can use the charging cable/data cable of the mobile phone to implement the screen mirroring function. It is easier  to use. 

How to use:

We use the data cable of the mobile phone. One end of the data cable is connected to the mobile phone ,the other end is connected to the LCD backpack. Then the mobile phone screen can be shared in real time. It is simple and easy to use!

Watch the video below to learn how to share your screen to an LCD backpack using a cable.

If you need further assistance while setting up the LCD backpack, please feel free to contact us.

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