Q1: How to set up your LED Backpack work with mobile App

You should have a power bank that has 2A output (USB Type -A). If not, need to buy it separately, because it is not included in this product.

  1. How does the LED backpack work with mobile App?
  2. .Download the “LED Space” App from App market.

App-Andror    APP-IOS


Click below icon to download the latest APP from the link below

 (for IOS)

https://apps.apple.com/app/id1431362600  (for IOS)

 (for Android)

http://www.welaso.com/DM-static/upload/attachment/LED-Spacek-for-Andorid.apk  (for Android)

2). Set up bluetooth connection

Open the backpack and find the usb port, plug in your power bank.

Pair  the backpack to  your smart phone device by bluetooth connection

More detail , please operate it refer to the User Manual

Q2:Which languages does the App support??

English, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Russian...

Q3:Can be carried on airplane?

The LED backpack doesn't have a built-in battery and can be carried on an airplane

Q4:Where can I find my Led backpack’s bluetooth hotspot name?

Your LED backpack’s bluetooth hotspot name is posted inside the backpack.  It’s coded by“YS+device number” with prefix “YS”.

bluetooth hotspot name


Q5: How to update the App ?

Procedure:   Activate APP with  your backpack --> Click “Set up” menu -->click “Version” to update the mobile App version 

 update the APP

Notes: as we will continue to update and improve the App to make it more interesting and multi-functional.  Kindly remember to update your App  to the latest version .

Q6:How to turn on/off the LED screen by mobile App?

Procedure: Keep App alive with your backpack--> Click “remote control” menu -->click “switch” button to turn on/off the LED screen .

 Q7:How to clear all programme in the LED backpack   by mobile App?

Procedure: Keep App alive with your backpack--> Click “set up” menu -->click “Clear” button to clear all programme in the LED backpack, restore default settings.

This operation will clear all the programs on the backpack .

clear cache