Welaso 21.5-inch LCD advertising backpack, Touch screen version


  • Product name:    Welaso LCD Ads Backpack
  • Model Number :    21 inches Touch Screen Version
  • Screen size:    21.5 inches
  • System:    Android 11
  • Brightness:    500cd/m2,1000 optional
  • Resolution:    1080*1920 pix
  • store:    2+16 G
  • WIFI:    support
  • Touch screen:    support
  • Advertising publish method:    Publish via mobile APP
  • Wireless screencasting:    Support
  • Wire screencasting:    Support
  • In-stream ads:    support
  • Remote publishing:    Support (requires internet connection)
  • Smart split screen:    support
  • custom program:    support
Original price:$1199
Current price:$869
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Backpack with 21.5 inches LCD screen

LCD backpack

LCD Backpack with Waterproof Style

LCD Backpack Mobile ADs Play Anytime

Play videos and pictures without interval, and the human figure moves to make the advertising effect more obvious

LCD backpack with Android system and Remote publishing


In thunderstorm weather, please disconnect the power switch, otherwise lightning may damage the advertising machine or accident occur;

Do not sprinkle water or other liquids on the machine, and never use corrosive agents to wipe the machine itself;

The machine is used or stored at a temperature of 0-55 degrees, do not store or use in ultra-high and low temperature environments.

LCD backpack anylysis diagram of backpack advertising machine


Panel type 21.5“
System Android 9.0
Version Network
Display resolution 1920*1080
Built-in memory 2+16G
Contrast 1000:1typ
Maximum brightness 500cdm2(customizable)
Split screen playback Support horizontal, vertical, full screen and split screen playback
Play video format MPEG-1,MPEG-2,MPEG-4,H.263,H.264,VC1,RV etc.,support up to 1080p
Audio format MP3/WMA/AAC etc. Left channel, right channel, 8Ω 5W speaker
Material The frame is made of 1.5mm high-grade metal sheet metal, aluminum profile, fully tempered glass
Weight 13.2 lbs
Adapter Power adapter 12V/3-5A
Network Interface RJ45/IEEI802.31/100M ETHERNET LAN; WIFI, Bluetooth
Interface TFCard,(support max 32GB),USB Hostx2,RJ-45,power jack,Earphone
Color black

LCD backpack

Product features


  1. This product adopts 21.5 inch IPS LCD display.
  2. Support high-definition display screen.
  3. Support remote, real-time update release program.
  4. Support for custom ad content.
  5. Support unified management of devices by network.
  6. With a large-capacity backpack, you can store more items.
  7. The external USB port of the backpack is more convenient to operate.
  8. Configure a high-capacity battery to make the device play longer.
  • 21.5 inch LCD screen: the backpack is equipped with a customized LCD screen and Android system, which can play videos in mp4, mpg, rmvb, avi, mov, flv and other formats

  • Fashion backpak: Adjustable backpack shoulder strap, adjustable screen height at any time, comfortable handle, anti - scratch design

  • Working duration: It can work for 2-3 hours when fully charged

  • HIgh Brightness and Portable: the overall weight is 13.2 pounds, which is not too heavy as a portable billboard,with 500cdm2 high brightness.

  • Easy to operate: the external USB port of the backpack is more convenient to operate, such as changing the content of the advertising video

  • Flippable screen: The LCD screen can be flipped horizontally and vertically, with this function, it is more flexible to play wide-screen or narrow-screen advertisements

  • The LCD screen is a touch screen, which is more convenient to operate


Session 1: How to publish advertising programs via LedArt App

Session 2: How to use EShare and Screen Mirroring to wireless projector function

Session 3: How to share your phone's screen using your smartphone's charging/data cable.

Session 4: How to use this LCD Ads backpack as whiteboard 

  • LCD Ads backpack parameter table

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