21.5 inch LCD Backpack with Custom LCD Screen for Portable Video Advertising Player, 1920*1080 Resolution Ratio, Human Walking Backpack Digital Billbo

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About this item

  • 1.5 inch LCD screen: the backpack is equipped with a customized LCD screen and Android system, which can play videos in mp4, mpg, rmvb, avi, mov, flv and other formats
  • Fashion backpak: Adjustable backpack shoulder strap, adjustable screen height at any time, comfortable handle, anti - scratch design
  • Working duration: It can work for 1-2 hours when fully charged
  • Portable and lightweight: the overall weight is 8.4 pounds, which is not too heavy as a portable billboard and is easy to carry
  • Easy to operate: the external USB port of the backpack is more convenient to operate, such as changing the content of the advertising video

Backpack with 21.5 inches LCD screen


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