T1 Pro 200m Underwater Drone with Omni scan sonar

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Dimensions: 2.0*φ2.2“
Weight: 0.56lbsIn-put Voltage: DC 18-30V
Power: 2W(average) 9W(Max)
Depth: 656ft
Scan range: 360°Working frequency: 667kHz(low)
Beam width: 2.5°*30°(low frequency) 1°*15°(high
Step frequency: fast scan/high-resolution scan
Working Temperature: -2~36°C
Storing Temperature: -20~50°C

Geneinno T1 Pro supports the omni scanning sonar with
360° scan range for underwater search. In the complex area,
regard the water visibility, it detects object beyond camera
range and provides target identification. In addition, T1 Pro
supports third-party sonar(need to be customized).


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